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National Hurricane Center

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Rolling Storm & Hurricane Shutters

Have the Peace of Mind Knowing Your Beach/Bay Home or Business is Protected from Storm.

Fielder Builder is an authorized dealer for genuine Rolling Storm & Hurricane & Shutters. Available for residential and commercial applications, these shutters come in odd sizes for those hard to fit windows. TDI approved for winds up to 140 mph.

Building code Standards

Standards for storm shutters vary throughout the country. Most codes are very stringent and change often. We strive to have shutters approved under as many codes as possible. Local dealers sometimes are more up to date with local codes and should be consulted during your decision process.

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National Hurricane Center

Check with the National Hurricane Center

for Local Weather Information for your area

Hurricane shutters

What Shutter Strength Do You Need for Hurricane & Storm Protection?


RCE....Extruded aluminum for extreme protection. TDI tested, 140mph/ impact resistant, approved for local building codes protecting Seaward areas of Texas

Extruded aluminum 0.34" slat thickness..0.04"/1.016mm gauge aluminum wall thickness. With stand 120-140mph wind/ impact resistant

Shading/Thermal Control/Noise Reduction

RC....Foam core polyurethane aluminum slats for shading..sound....privacy.

RC40 Foam core polyurethane 0.30" slat thickness..0.012/0.40mm gauge aluminum wall thickness. With stand 120-140mph wind

Yes! Our shutters are TDI tested:

TDI tested

We carry a variety of Hurricane approved models
- Rolling Hurricane Shutters
- Accordion shutters

National Hurricane Center

National Hurricane Center


Port Bolivar Chamber of Commerce

Storm & Road Conditions/Medical Emergency Numbers

Hurricane shutters for high windsHurricane shutters

Electronic shutters

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Storm Protection

Are you looking for Protection from Storms?

Hurricane season begins June 1st and extends through November 30. On average several hurricanes hit the US East Coast during this period. It's not only the Category 5 (strongest) hurricanes that cause all the damage...In 1996 Hurricane Fran (Category 3) became the third most costly in history...Flood damage extended from North Carolina to the Great Lakes.

Rolling Shutters offer protection from storms, hurricanes & tornadoes. Our storm shutters are the strongest Gulf Coast Shutters offers, so they have a dual purpose...Storm & Home Security. Have the peace of mind, whether you are at home or away, that your home is protected from storms and intruders.

Keep up with your local weather updates with the National Hurricane Center

Windows and doors are the most vulnerable points of your home. With Rolling shutters they are protected from water leaks and damage caused by high winds. Every shutter is a unique product, custom made for the size and shape of your windows and doors. Choose what application that you need...and we will build your shutter to the required size, style and strength. You can choose manual or motorized operation (strap, crank, motor). Also automatic control systems (light, temperature, wind speed, time) and several other options.

Rolling Shutters give you freedom...freedom to enjoy your home.

Hurricane Protection

Home Security Protection

Electronic hurricane shutters

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Somfy Motors

Enjoy Automatic Control...powered by SOMFY

The motorization and automation of roller shutters make your daily life truly easier. There's no simpler way to save time: motorization takes away the inconvenience of cranking, and you can close all your shutters in one movement.

You will also save energy: the roller shutters are always closed in time to ensure optimum insulation.

You are well-protected: motorized shutters with security locks ensure complete, dependable closure. Certain motors can detect obstacles to the movement of the shutter, providing you with additional security. The precise adjustment of the position of the shutter enables you to manage variations in light inside your home.

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