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Sunair Retractable Awnings

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Sunair Retractable AwningsSunair Retractable AwningsSunair Retractable Awnings
The SUNAIR Lateral Arm Patio Awning

Keep your deck cool... Add summer living space in style with a SUNAIR retractable awning!
The SUNAIR retractable awning provides sun when you want it and shade when you need it. Protect your family from the sun's harmful rays. With years of reliable service an awning from SUNAIR becomes an investment rather than an expense.

How do you know your awning is well built?
The SUNAIR is the finest system on the market. Manufactured with pride in the USA, it has received important North American TUV approval for safety and durability. TUV is the only recognized independent testing laboratory in the world with stringent standards for retractable awnings and patio covers. Some products sold in this country are approved in Europe but not in North America. Before you buy, make sure the product is TUV approved in the United States.

Every SUNAIR is custom made. Certain standard parameters apply.

Width Any width in one inch increments from 4 feet wide to 40 feet wide.
Projection Maximum projection is 13 feet. Standard projections include, 4' 2", 5' 7", 6' 11", 8' 7", 10' 2", 11' 6", and 13 feet. Custom projections are available.
Frame Colors Standard powder coat colors include White, Brown, Silver, Forest Green and Beige. Anodized Gold is available at a 15% upcharge. Any color framework can be manufactured for an additional upcharge.
Fabrics 100% Solution dyed acrylic is standard. Over 200 fabric colors to choose from.
Manual Operation 3:1 ratio bevel gear with a stop is used on all units up to and including 20 ft wide. A 14:1 worm gear is used on all awning 21 feet wide and over.
Motors Many sizes of SOMFY motors are available either as motor only operation or with a manual overide (CMO) option.
Hood An optional protective hood is available if awning is mounted on an open facade. This one piece hood is made of extruded aluminum.
Warranty 5 year warranty on the frame, fabric, and motors.
Fastners All nuts and bolts are stainless steel.

With over 25 years experience SUNAIR is an innovator in the retractable awning industry. We have engineered the most durable yet flexible awning system on the market using the strongest materials and most sophisticated arm design.

Our comittment to quality is unsurpassed. Only the finest materials and workmanship are used to produce an awning superior in quality and strength. The SUNAIR'S strength comes from the use of forged aluminum components. This is the most advanced technology available to retractable awnings and patio covers today. Our competition uses die-casted or vacuum injection castings. Forging our parts is slightly more expensive but is well worth it knowing we are delivering a product superior in strength and consistency. The maximum 13 ft projection arm awnings can now be made with a continuous safety margin.

See For Yourself...

 Components Feature Benefit
Sunair Retractable Awnings
All SUNAIR arm parts under stress are made of forged aluminum. All arms 8'7" and above use three heavy duty steel springs. All projections up to 6'11" use two steel springs. Forged aluminum is far superior than castings, and 13' projection arms can be made with a continuous safety margin. Heavy duty steel springs are more durable and provide longer life under maximum tension.
Sunair Retractable Awnings
SUNAIR's arm uses the strongest materials on the market, yet is engineered for flexibility with a unique two-way movable front arm attachment. A two-way movable front coupling relieves strain, increases the flexibility in the arm and helps to reduce the possibility of wind damage. This feature is unique in the industry.
Sunair Retractable Awnings
SUNAIR's hinge uses twin galvanized tinned steel cables over a specially engineered elliptical-shaped radius. The hinge is triple angled. Twin cables are far superior than a single cable. Cable wear is reduced to a minimum and allows heavier tension in the arm. The elliptical-shaped cable radius increases tension in the springs as the arm is extended where mostly needed. The angles in the hinge allow each arm to flex independently, thus absorbing stress during wind gusts helping eliminate damage.
Sunair Retractable Awnings
SUNAIR uses a heavy duty 3:1 ratio bevel gear with a stop. A 14:1 ratio gear is used on larger widths. The 3:1 ratio gear is the most efficient gear made. It minimizes the time and effort in retracting and extending the awning. The stop eliminates fabric damage which could occur from over-rolling past the projection of the arm.
Sunair Retractable Awnings
All SUNAIR brackets are made of heavy duty extruded aluminum electrostatically powder coated to the highest standards (U.S. Pat. #4,641,805). An extruded part is far superior and stronger than die castings or permanent mold casting. Electrostatic powder coating is more resistant to cracking and chipping than wet lacquer. All SUNAIR components and extrusions are powder coated.

Standard Frame Colors

Frame ColorsSunair Retractable Awnings

Valance Styles

Standard valance styles are shown below (styles may vary depending on fabric pattern used). If a custom valance is required, include a well-dimensioned sketch with the order as well as instructions on style. Valance cut may vary slightly depending on fabric pattern.
NOTE: The standard valance style is "E."

  • Highest quality Lateral Arm Awning
  • Double cable arm design
  • 3:1/3:1 Bevel gear for most efficient operation
  • Forged elbow and shoulder components
  • Aluminum support and roller tube
  • Powder coated components and extrusions
  • Optional one-piece hood system
  • A stop in the gear to prevent the fabric from over rolling
  • Stainless steel fasteners
Sunair Retractable Awnings

Awning Style
Fabrics To
Sunair Retractable Awnings
Dessert Sand,
Forest Green
Through 40'
4'2". 5'7", 6'11", 8'7", 10'2",
Deck, Patio

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